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Following Kentucky's first loss of the 2021 season to No. 1 ranked Georgia over the weekend, head coach Mark Stoops has been rather complimentary of Georgia. The Wildcat coach said Georgia is one of the great teams in college football in a year where there might not be many.  This is great [Georgia] team here. I don't know if there's many great teams in College football this year, but I know this one is."  Like many other coaches have in the days and hours leading up and following a game versus Georgia, the praise on the Georgia defense is a constant.  "This is a defense that's going to make a lot of quarterbacks uneasy." According to Matt Jones of KY Sports Radio, the Kentucky head coach said that the often talked about front seven of Georgia is the "best he has ever seen on defense."  This past offseason, Georgia's front seven saw the majority of its production from 2020 return for another season in Athens. Key contributors like Jordan Davis, Devonte Wyatt, and Adam Anderson opted to hold out on the NFL and instead cite the "Unfinished Business" motto that Georgia's upperclassmen adopted following the Peach Bowl win.  Saturday, Georgia's number one defense in the country held Kentucky to 51 yards rushing; the front seven has been the key to Georgia's success against the run in recent years; no one arguably has a greater impact on Georgia's front seven than Jordan Davis. The starting nose tackle is garnering national attention this season, not because of his stats but because of how he affects the game in so many different ways at 6-foot-6, 340 pounds.  If Georgia continues their unbeaten run in the regular season, much of the credit will be due to the play of the front seven.



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It would only be fair to Jared Goff to point out that he had little help from his running game and that his receiving corps lacks for downfield separation. It would only be fair to his running game and receivers, however, to point out that Goff was out of sorts on his own. His lone interception wasn't his fault, but if tight end T.J. Hockenson wasn't open, it was as if nobody else was on the field; on one Hockenson target in particular, Goff failed to recognize a wide-open D'Andre Swift , who was uncovered and potentially could've scored. Big-play Trey. Bengals defensive end Trey Hendrickson notched a QB hit on Goff on Detroit's opening possession, and if his exchange of words with Goff after the play was of the "I'll be here all day" variety, he wasn't kidding. Hendrickson would subsequently notch a pair of sacks, and he did it while playing fewer than half of the Bengals' defensive snaps. The first let the Lions know that single blocking him with the aforementioned Hockenson wasn't advisable. He beat Lions first-round rookie left tackle Penei Sewell for the other. Hendrickson now has 6.5 sacks in six games and after posting a career-best season for the Saints in 2020, it's looking like Hendrickson is well on his way to another stellar campaign. Next her response Gen stat of the game: Ja'Marr Chase had two targets, two receptions and 87 yards on deep passes and now has a deep reception in each game this season.


The action plan for that centers around firing GM Dave Gettleman immediately — like tonight, immediately. Some critics of this course of action may attempt to argue it won’t do any good and that the embattled executive deserves the chance to see this season through in the (one in a million) chance that this lousy football team turns things around and makes the playoffs. Where they are most wrong is that Dave Gettleman deserves nothing but (possibly) a handshake and walking papers. The ship for this regime to have any success sailed on the night Saquon Barkley was drafted second-overall and crashed about two years ago. Now, it’s time for owner John Mara to step up and realize that irreparable damage will likely be done if he allows Gettleman to oversee operations at the looming NFL trade deadline. Think about this simply: if you were running a business, would you let a manager whom you were almost positive you would soon be firing hang around and make important decisions regarding the future of your business? Especially when the said manager has a guaranteed contract that has to be paid out fully – no matter what – and your business is extremely profitable and not strapped for cash? It should be an easy decision, but unfortunately, nothing has been easy for this ownership group to figure out over the past decade. If John Mara still cares about the average New York Giants fan this will not be a difficult decision to make — the jury is still why not check here very much out on that, though. Taking a deeper dive into the context, it is easy to realize that having a GM that will be far more concerned about saving his job than the long-term well-being of the New York Giants , you can begin to understand just how much damage could potentially be done if Gettleman is not removed from his post in the near future. Just imagine ‘DG’ making another Leonard Williams-type move at the trade deadline (although, to be fair, Williams has played well as a Giant), where he forfeits assets instead of acquiring them.