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9 when they watched prices spike.  "We felt some urgency to book something,'' she said. They paid $1,000 for a one-way ticket with more flexibility and have had their fingers crossed since. Graham's partner already took time off in November and sublet his apartment. They originally planned to get him to the United States via another country after quarantining there for two weeks, a so-called third country trip. "It's just hard to even get your hopes up or believe that you'll be together when there's nothing definitive," Graham said.  ►'Without our loved ones, we are lost': Travelers relieved at US plans to reopen borders The couple already saw travel plans dashed this year. Graham was able to visit Norway last year when the country reopened travel to partners and was planning to return this year since the U.S. borders were still closed to her partner . But Norway tightened entry restrictions in January, laying out a detailed plan for when they would lift again. "They would put out a target date. It would get to that date (and nothing changed.) It went that way for the entire year," she said.

Facebook had long hoped that Instagram would bring more young people to its entire family of apps. Facebook had long hoped that Instagram would bring more young people to its entire family of apps.Credit...Jason Henry for The New York Times By Sheera Frenkel ,  Ryan Mac and Mike Isaac SAN FRANCISCO — When Instagram reached one billion users in 2018, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, called it “an amazing success.” The photo-sharing app, which Facebook owns, was widely hailed as a hit with young people and celebrated as a growth engine for the social network. But even as Mr. Zuckerberg praised Instagram, the app was privately lamenting the loss of teenage users to other social media platforms as an “existential threat,” according to a 2018 marketing presentation. By last year, the issue had become more urgent, according to internal Instagram documents obtained by The New York Times. “If we lose the teen foothold in the U.S. we lose the pipeline,” read a strategy memo, from last October, that laid out a marketing plan for this year. In the face of that threat , Instagram left little to chance. Starting in 2018, it earmarked almost its entire global annual marketing budget — slated at $390 million this year — to targeting teenagers, largely through digital ads, according to planning documents and people directly involved in the process. Focusing so singularly on a narrow age group is highly unusual, marketers said, though the final spending went beyond teenagers and encompassed their parents and young adults.